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Housing Nantucket

The mission of Housing Nantucket is to preserve and provide equitable housing solutions for Nantucket’s year-round community. Built on a foundation of providing rental housing, they have expanded to include homeownership and education programs.

“If the people who need to live here year-round, who do the work, who make it work, can’t live here, it’s all going to collapse. Simple as that.

And this isn’t charity… this is reality. This is being members of a great community.

And it’s emblematic of the oldest, simplest truth in the world: if you want to be happy, do everything you can to make other people happy.” David McCullough

Imagine a Solution

Imagine… the year is 2053. Nantucket has a strong housing infrastructure that supports the island community, provides for economic growth and allows working families to stay.

But how do we get there?

Housing Nantucket offers solutions that work, like their Affordable Rental and Covenant programs. But they need funding, land, and deed restrictions to expand their programs and preserve year-round homes for generations.

Housing Nantucket History

NHA Properties, Inc, d/b/a Housing Nantucket, was founded in 1994 by community members seeking to stem the tide of Nantucketers leaving the island.

Built on a foundation of providing rental housing, they have expanded to include homeownership and education programs.

Their mission is to preserve and provide equitable housing solutions for Nantucket’s year-round community.

They are the only private, 501(c)3 organization dedicated to housing low, moderate and middle income Nantucket residents

Who is Housing Nantucket?

– They are the only nonprofit, affordable rental housing developer and manager on the island
– Their covenant homeownership program creates scattered site, zoning compliant, permanent solutions without added density
– They perform services for other affordable housing entities, including the Town


Covenant Program:

113 permanently affordable homes on the island for moderate income year-round islanders (those earning < 150% of Area Median Income (AMI))

Affordable Rental Program:

Developed, own and manage 39 affordable rental units which serve low, moderate and middle income residents of Nantucket County

Units under construction:

22 rental units at 31 Fairgrounds Rd (Wiggles Way)
3 homeownership units on Honeysuckle Dr

Sheriff Jim Perelman and Sheri Perelman

Jim and Sheri came to Nantucket as children, brought to the island by their respective grandparents. As teenagers, they had summer jobs in the food service industry: Sheri worked at the JC house, first as a waitress and then as a pastry chef; Jim worked in the kitchen at the Jetties. Although they didn’t know each other, Nantucket was beginning to capture their hearts, an allure that would draw their lives on the same path. Read their story.

Wiggles Way Spotlight

Fourteen months after breaking ground at Wiggles Way, their 22 unit development of mixed-income affordable housing on Fairgrounds Road, progress continues at a steady pace. If you’ve been following this project, you will recall this community project is a collaborative effort stemming from town meeting voters and funded by the Town of Nantucket’s Affordable Housing Trust. Additionally, the site will be entirely solar powered thanks to the generosity of ReMain Nantucket, support from the Town, and a Gap Energy Grant from the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP).

As progress continues over the next few months, they will announce specific details about the application process for the one- two- and three-bedroom rental apartments. Households earning 50-80% AMI will participate in a lottery and households earning 81-150% AMI will be chosen from their Ready-to-Rent list. More information can be found here.

Tenants will be moving into their new homes in just a few short months!

Honeysuckle Drive Spotlight 

Another exciting initiative currently underway is the construction of three new homes on Honeysuckle Drive, on track to be completed by December 2023. Each home will contain 3-bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms. Homes are designed to serve year-round Nantucket households at the 175% Area Median Income (AMI) level. Their demand data shows this income bracket is grossly underserved, leaving integral members of our workforce in a very vulnerable position. Dual-income households can exceed the income qualification criteria of our existing programs. Yet open market opportunities remain financially unattainable. 

“The Affordable Housing Trust is excited to see Housing Nantucket’s ongoing commitment to the Island’s housing crisis as they continue to deliver solutions at varying price points with partners both in the public and private sectors,” said Brian Sullivan, Chair of the Town of Nantucket’s Affordable Housing Trust. “As a community representative, I’d like to thank them for their ongoing hard work.”

A campaign is underway to raise financial support for this project. Several generous donors have already contributed, providing a lasting impact on vital members of our island community. Donations over $1,000 are eligible for our Community Investment Tax Credit Program (CITC).

Tax Credit Program

Community Investment Tax Credit Program (CITC) Housing Nantucket seeks donors who’d like to more than double the impact of their donation dollars. In addition to a federal tax deduction, donors can realize a 50% State tax credit for gifts of $1,000 or more. Donors without any state tax liability (or non-residents) receive a check from the state in the amount of the credit. Individuals and corporations are eligible, and banks can utilize the CITCs for Community Reinvestment Act donations.

Support Housing Nantucket

Housing Nantucket is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. All donations are tax deductible to the full extent allowed by law. 

Your generous support allows them to:

-Create and maintain affordable rental housing

-Develop vacant land by recycling houses or building new

-Preserve properties where affordability restrictions are in jeopardy

-Assist low and moderate income homebuyers

-Advocate to further affordable housing initiatives

-Ensure housing opportunities for future generations

House Recycling Program

– A unique opportunity to create housing while saving a home from the landfill

– The majority of rental units were moved from private property to their land, which is in scattered sites around the island. Your dwelling could be next in providing island families with a year-round, affordable place to live. Even if your house doesn’t meet the current needs for rental homes, they may be able to accept your house if they are able to find it a new owner. Small dwellings (less than 22’ wide and less than 2 stories) in good condition with easy access to a paved road are ideal.

– If you are in a position to do so, please consider donating your structurally sound dwelling to Housing Nantucket. They will do our best to find it a “new home”.

Donate Land

– In addition to funds and structures, Housing Nantucket will accept donations of land to expand housing opportunities for the island’s workforce. 

– Acquiring new parcels of land will allow them to expand their rental and home ownership portfolio.

To connect with this great organization, reach out to:

Physical Address:

75 Old South Road Nantucket, MA  02554

Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 3149, Nantucket, MA 02584




Executive Director:

Anne Kuszpa

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