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Fish on Nantucket are Getting Bigger…


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Cam Gammill
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It’s all happening now… Well it’s not hot and heavy but it’s pretty darn good. Bluefish have been caught, Bass are here in good numbers and the bottom fishing is pretty awesome.
A good friend caught the first bluefish of the year yesterday. We were shocked it took so long as it was about a week overdue compared to year’s past.  The fish was caught on the North shore and while these fish are active and chase bait, they are sensitive to colder temps. As a result, expect to find these fish North of Coatue and in shallower, but active water (meaning- not flats and not the harbor).
Bass continue to get bigger and more plentiful.  More and more people are reporting keepers, but nothing huge yet.  The biggest fish we heard was from our friend Carl Gross, who caught a 32″ 10lb fish off the south shore.  The very next night, in the same spot, another friend caught his first fish of the year — a keeper.  This means fish are stacking in as bait has become more plentiful.  The harbor is also filling in nicely and fish range from 14″ to low 30″s.   We caught two nice fish in an hour the other day and missed a lot more.  Tip: use soft baits and mid-levels swimmers on these fish.

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Cam Gammill

In 2009, Cam started in Nantucket real estate and quickly established himself as one of the top brokers on the Island.