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Why Book Your Vacation With a Nantucket Rental Agent?


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So what are the benefits of booking your vacation rental home through a Fisher Real Estate Agent on Nantucket? Sales and Rental Agent Brent Tartamella has some answers for you in this four-part series about booking a rental home on Nantucket.

Maybe it has been a few years since you booked a vacation, perhaps you are not sure about the intricacies of Nantucket, or maybe you have only booked your short-term rental through a vacation rental platform and not through a real estate agent. 

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Here are the benefits of working with a Fisher Real Estate agent to book your Nantucket vacation rental home:

1) Access to a broader selection of properties: Fisher agents often have access to a larger pool of properties, giving you a more comprehensive portfolio from which to choose.

2) Expertise and guidance: Fisher Real Estate agents have the knowledge and experience to help you navigate the Nantucket vacation rental market. We are skilled at listening to your wants and needs to provide top-tier recommendations and advice. In addition, we are genuinely passionate about finding the perfect property for your time on Island. We will work to ensure we make suggestions that align with your needs and budget. 

3) Convenience: We handle the entire rental process, from finding a property to managing rental terms and handling payments, making the process much more convenient and stress-free.

4) Peace of mind: Fisher agents will be your primary point of contact to handle issues or conflicts that may arise during the rental process, giving you peace of mind and ensuring a smooth vacation experience. We want you to spend more time exploring the island or chilling on our sandy beaches.

5) Local knowledge: Real estate agents are familiar with the local rental market and can provide valuable information about the area, such as neighborhood attributes, local attractions, and transportation options. There are over a dozen of us, and collectively, we have all lived here for 226 years. There isn’t much this collaborative office can’t solve for you when it comes to real estate sales and rental details.

6) Time-saving: Using a Fisher Real Estate agent to book a vacation rental can save you a significant amount of time and effort. We do the hard work of finding and vetting properties for you and are well-versed in our listings’ layouts, features, and benefits, ensuring you get the perfect house for your needs.

Call us or begin your search by exploring our many neighborhoods and start planning your next Nantucket Vacation!

J. Brent Tartamella is a New England native with an extensive career in hospitality rooted in high-end private club management. Brent moved to Nantucket in 2004, and since his entrance into real estate in 2016, he has frequently been the top buyers’ representative, with sales exceeding $14mm. Follow him on Instagram @brenttucket for more stores and information about Nantucket living.