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Design Ideas for a “Smart House”


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Design Ideas for 2024: The Smart House

From Home Monitoring Systems to Smart Bathrooms

The season is upon us, and Nantucket’s designers and builders are racing to complete their summer projects. Staying on time, budget, and current with evolving design trends and technology is no easy feat. It’s somewhat ironic that I’m writing about design, but as long as I’m not picking your color palette or handling your renderings, you’re in good hands! This blog was inspired by The Wall Street Journal’s series “The Future of Everything,” where reporter Danny Lewis covers the latest developments in science and technology.

As a luxury real estate agent on Nantucket, I strive to stay informed about trends and advancements that could enhance my clients’ living experiences. One significant shift is the remarkable progress in technology, allowing us to monitor everything from fitness activity to refrigerator inventory. This tech leap is transforming residential wellness, especially post-pandemic, where the demand for amenities like infrared saunas and meditation rooms has surged. Imagine this AI robotic massager in your home that delivers high-quality massages on demand!

Envision walking into your Nantucket home and experiencing a bathroom that feels like a personal wellness sanctuary. Yes, your bathroom. Experts predict that tech-driven bathrooms will become a staple in luxury homes across the U.S. within the next decade. This trend is accelerated by advancements in smart-home technology, particularly the new Matter software standard, ensuring seamless connectivity between devices from different manufacturers. Imagine your bathmat, toothbrush, mirror, and toilet providing health insights. Currently, this connectivity is more common with refrigerators, dishwashers, vacuums, indoor air quality sensors, lighting, and security systems. However, it’s making it’s way into other corners of the house including the bathroom.

Baracoda, a leading French company in internet-connected health technology, notes that smart bathroom tech is already prevalent in some of the world’s most opulent homes and soon on Nantucket.

Consider Kohler’s Numi 2.0 toilet, which offers luxurious features like self-cleaning functions with ultraviolet light, heated seats, and personalized bidet settings. It’s a prime example of how luxury and technology can converge to offer unparalleled comfort and hygiene.

Additionally, companies are innovating with smart mirrors that connect users with healthcare professionals or offer personalized skincare advice. For instance, NuraLogix has introduced a health-monitoring mirror capable of analyzing facial blood flow to predict the risk of heart attack, stroke, and hypertension, with results conveniently displayed on the mirror.

Other groundbreaking bathroom items include smart bathmats by BBalance that detect body composition, posture, and balance to predict disease risks, with results sent directly to an app.

The future of luxury living on Nantucket Island is not just about stunning ocean views and exquisite interiors, but also about incorporating cutting-edge health and wellness technologies into your home. I’d love your feedback on what cutting-edge tech you have or are interested in introducing to your Nantucket home.