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July 15th 2018 Nantucket Fishing Report


Fishing Report

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The big question of Nantucket fishing this year continues to be, will bluefish ever fill our waters? We are seeing signs that they might- but the fact that it is mid-July and we don’t have more is very discouraging. The most frustrating part is that we don’t have answers as to why. But the good news is that we do have more fish here now than we have had all season.


If you’re hunting for bluefish, you can find them. They are on the south shore and schooled up, you just need to track them down. We are often finding them on large schools of Sand Eels, with flocks of birds revealing their location. They are sitting quite close, not just set up in the rips. In fact, we are most often finding them within a couple of casts of the beach. Beach anglers, you’ll have the most luck from Tom Nevers to Low Beach.


While the inshore Nantucket fishing is still trying to really get itself going, those willing to explore/work are still catching fish. Those on boats running north to Monomoy are finding a fair number of bass, and those interested in bottom fishing are enjoying one of the best seasons we can remember! The tuna are just beginning to show down south (although they still have a ways to go) and the bonito bar has bait and small blues on it. In short: while our inshore fishery isn’t off the charts there are options- if you are willing to work.


We still have great bass runs in the offshore rips. The stories we keep hearing from fishermen and that we are seeing for ourselves are amazing. These fish are feeding on squid, herring and mackerel. We can not remember the last time we saw this many mackerel in our waters! Beyond catching the fish, seeing them chase the mackerel has been one of the coolest sights out on the water. Those interested in nature should check out the Nantucket fishing for that spectacle alone.


As for the beach fishing, there continue to be very few blues caught. We hope that that changes, but in the meantime theres still opportunities to catch bass and some bonito. The bonito fishing is not crazy, but they continue to be hooked at Great Point on both the east and west sides. The bass, amazingly, has been our most plentiful beach fish. Avid fishermen are still catching them from all the south shore beaches in the evening as well as from Great Point. The north shore has dried up a bit, although there are small juvenile bluefish all over Dionis and Eel Point.


Nantucket fishing right now is not red hot, but it is still incredibly interesting. Between the offshore bass, the blues that are sure to show up hungry, and the imminent Tuna bite, we are excited for every change every day.


Go out and wet a line… you never know what you are going to catch.

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