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The Tight Lines Fishing Report is brought to you by Corey and Cam Gammill via Bill Fisher Tackle and Bill Fisher Outfitters. Visit their website, their shop at 127 Orange Street, or give them a call at (508) 228-2261.

Dear Fisherman and Friends,

The conversation seems to be around the weather… making a living on the water, we can attest the weather has not been ideal, that said the weather will always take and give and while she has made it harder to access the fishery, she has rewarded those who have participated. When we get a swell and some wind it tends to spark our fishery, bring in new bait, new fish, and ultimately new opportunities to catch fish. Particularly on the west end a swell can oxygenate the water and concentrate the baitfish leading to feeding frenzies of bass. The same is true for beach fishermen at Point of Breakers, Low Beach, Smiths Point or the numerous sand bars along the South Shore.

While many beach fishermen are frustrated at the lack of consistent results, those that are grinding are on it. While the bluefish are not thick from the beach there are enough to keep those focused entertained and where you find blues, again think structure, you will typically find Bass underneath. If water looks fishy to you, ie birds, bait don’t hesitate to throw a bucktail on and comb the bottom if a swimmer or surface lure didn’t produce.

Perhaps the most consistent spot from the beach the last week has been Great Point. Again, it is not automatic, but if you put in your time early in the morning or in the evening you should be rewarded. The inside has produced some bonito and the outside bass and blues. Blues have been on the inside as well.

The boats have been fairing incredibly well, so if you have not had a chance to get on a boat please do so as our bass bite is still solid if you know where to look. Monomoy is still producing lots of bass as have the eastern rips. As mentioned above the west has been on fire the last three to four days with the swell. So, the beauty of right now is if there is a swell, stay local and look for white water if not, look east. That said, with all the fog, be careful out there!

There has also been an incredible fluke bite to the East as well. Do not forget if you are heading east in your boat to bring your fluke rods/rigs as well. It has been awesome.

Last, but certainly not least, starting 8/1 and going for the month of August is a Bluefish tournament put on by Greg Chotkowski, hosted by Bill fisher Tackle. This is a Catch and Release Tournament with Adult and Junior Divisions with all proceeds going to the Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy. There are also boat and beach divisions. The mission of the project is to raise awareness and support research in finding a cure for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.

All sign-ups/submissions can be made at www. or the BFT website. 

In each division there will be the following prizes:

        Gator Prize: biggest blue

        Snapper Prize: smallest blue

        Strike 3 Prize: Greatest 3 Bluefish total length

For all participants there are also the following prizes:

        Unicorn Prize: Migratory species not typical on Nantucket…weakfish, Spanish mackerel, tarpon?

        First Bonito

        First Albie

        Most submissions (via Instagram)….Let’s see who can catch a fish everyday!?




Captain Corey Gammill: 203-962-8867
Captain Cam Gammill: 508-332-9149
Captain Mike Ruby: 508-221-7144
Captain Nat Reeder

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