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The light switch has turned on!


Fishing Report

nantucket fishing report

The Tight Lines Fishing Report is brought to you by Corey and Cam Gammill via Bill Fisher Tackle and Bill Fisher Outfitters. Visit their website, their shop at 127 Orange Street, or give them a call at (508) 228-2261.

Dear Fisherman and Friends,

It feels as though the light turned on for our fishery. At the end of last week, we were plugging away in the harbor and on the south shore with good numbers and predictable fishing, but beyond that, the fishing wasn’t dynamic. And then it seemed like the fish got the message that Memorial Day weekend was coming, and they showed up in good numbers all around the Island.

We’ve been catching just Striped Bass for three weeks now and then within an hour, Capt Corey caught a Bluefish off of Tuckernuck and Tammy King caught a Bluefish off the beach on the north shore. Yep, Bluefish are here and in good numbers. Capt Cam fished yesterday in an hour landed a half dozen bluefish. These fish are eating and are big, so get your leaders ready.

The South Shore of the Island has been very good for two weeks now and continues to get better. While we don’t have many very big fish yet, we do have several keepers. *(Fish over 28”) Most of the south shore has been fishing well. There has been a lot of concentration at Cisco, but we have had fish in Tom Nevers, Surfside, Miacomet and Madaket. So really, they are all over. These fish are moving in schools and when you get one fish, there is generally the opportunity to get several fish. We have done very well with bigger soft baits or swimming plugs. The Island X lures have been producing, especially the Sidewinder. A lot of guys have also enjoyed using the Rapala X-Rap.

*As of May 26th, on Striped Bass between 28″ and 31″ can be kept. Please read below to learn more.

The other fishery that has been extremely productive is the harbor. This is my favorite fishery by far. It is very technical; it is absolutely beautiful, and it is very productive. The harbor is so dynamic and there are so many unique spots with in it, it makes it really fun to spend a tide checking everything out. In the last week, we have seen the harbor come to life. The water temps are already very warm, so we may lose it before too long, but man is it fun. Any of the public access points will produce fish. Pocomo has been very good as has the mass field station. Also, for those of you who drive out to Coatue, the bends have been full of fish. I almost exclusively fish smaller soft baits in the harbor. I love the Albie snack. Occasionally, I will switch it up and put on a small pencil popper and it can be great, especially in low light situations.

A friend, Pat McEvoy was fishing the flats today and at times felt as though he was going to get knocked off his paddleboard with the schools of fish that were moving in around him. These fish are filling into the North Shore and will populate Madaket and Nantucket Harbors.

We are also seeing fish fill into the western rips. Madaket is loaded with birds and there are big sand eels, a lot of squid and butterfish in the mix. These fish have a ton of bait to feed on and seem very happy. The water temps outside of the harbor is 55 degrees, so it appears that we have the best fishing ahead of us and these fish that are just coming in should be here to stay.

The next month is predictably dynamic and super fun. Whether you are fishing from the beach or the boat, there is no reason not to spend some time on the water this holiday weekend. Go wet a line and enjoy our incredible fishery.


Captain Corey Gammill: 203-962-8867
Captain Cam Gammill: 508-332-9149
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