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Wow… Fishing Continues to be Incredible


Fishing Report

nantucket fishing report

The Tight Lines Fishing Report is brought to you by Corey and Cam Gammill via Bill Fisher Tackle and Bill Fisher Outfitters. Visit their website, their shop at 127 Orange Street, or give them a call at (508) 228-2261.

Dear Fisherman and Friends,

Fishing is really, really, really good right now.

Anyone who follows social media, knows all of the “glory videos” that get posted. These videos taken in far off places where the fishing is so good no one would every believe it. Well folks, that is our fishery and while many people look for something in a far away place, what we have here is truly exceptional. This weekend, I was in acres of bass, rolling on the surface. After catching a few fish, I simply stopped and watched. You see, my goal isn’t just to catch fish, its to catch the experience. National Geographic would have loved to film the scene, but they were not there, nor was anyone. This was my moment to enjoy. Sometimes being a witness to the wonder is all you need to reset in todays world.

We are pushing towards the end of June and we still have more Striped Bass than we have seen in years. Anglers are catching these fish from the beach and the boat with some frequency. These fish are also mostly slot fish (28-32 inches) and bigger. Its been really fun. We are also seeing quite a few fish north of 40 inches. Wow!

From the beach, the better fishing has been in low light situations, but if you watch the surf, you’ll see bass swimming in the surf. If you are swimming, they may even be around you. I saw a great drone photo this week of bass just holding in the surf line. In fact a good friend loves to Fly Fish and brings his rod to the beach with him when he is there with his family. He sight casted and caught multiple fish in just a half hour. I’ve heard more reports from the eastern end of the Island. Tom Nevers and Madaquecham have been pretty consistent in the evening and at night. I’m a home body though and love to fish closer to home in Miacomet/Cisco and there are plenty of fish in the surf on this side of the Island. 

You don’t need to spend too much time on the boat this time of year, but if you get the opportunity, you had better say yes. Striped Bass are in the edges and in the water. The western edges, Old Man and even out to Rose n’ Crown are all loaded. Even Great Point is holding a lot of fish right now and that is usually the last area to fill in. While fishing the rips is incredibly productive and consistent, we are lucky enough to see this most years. I’ve really enjoyed fishing the open water.

We have had bluefish for a few weeks, but only in the past week have catching them become a little more consistent. In fact, every few days, I hear of someone who caught their first bluefish of the season… This is crazy. We are normally littered with these toothy friends this time of year. I have no doubt they will fill in, but perhaps with the volume of Striped Bass, the Bluefish are not as active as we have been used to in years past. Time will tell, but for now I’m not at all worried about the pace of our Bluefish.

Tight Lines,

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