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4 Nantucket Take-out Food Adventures


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downyflake nantucket

Nantucket is known for its wealth of incredible restaurants. With an abundance of fresh local ingredients and a rich community of creative individuals to draw from, it makes sense that our restaurants are so good. The island’s magic just seems to weave its way into the decor, the food, and the people of each restaurant, making for countless memorable experiences. Whether you’re looking for white table cloths, a taste of some local classics, or a place to feed the kids, there are restaurants for you. 

Unfortunately, as you’re well aware, restaurants have had to make some adjustments this summer. In addition to the new patios popping up around the island, take-out is always a great option. Our businesses are resilient and have adapted to the tough circumstances, but they still need your support!

If you plan on eating at home, is a great option. They have partnered with a long list of restaurants to make delivery easy this summer. You can even schedule orders through their platform, so you can eat exactly when you want to! 

Cobble Side Ack is a new resource that’s helping local businesses promote their “cobbleside” pickup — check it out to stay up to date on the restaurant scene’s evolving response to the pandemic. 

For our complete guide to take-out dining options on Nantucket, read our blog Groceries & Restaurants Available for Take-Out.

If you’re not planning to eat at home, there are a lot of beautiful places to eat on island. While the closest beach is always a good option, it’s even more fun to make an adventure out of it. Here are four of our favorite ways to make take-out dining an adventure this summer.


Downy Flake and Disc

Downy Flake is an institution on the island, offering no-frills breakfast items and the best donuts you’ve ever had. Make sure to call them ahead of time, as fresh donuts fly off the shelves most mornings in the summer. If you’ve been feeling nostalgic, it’s the perfect place to go this summer
they might even bring your order right out to the car like the good ole days. 

nantucket disc golf
Photo: Nantucket Disc Golf

From there, if you’re feeling adventurous, check out Nantucket Disc Golf just down the road. You’ll need to buy your discs ahead of time, but won’t need to pay a thing otherwise; the course is run as a non-profit though, and donations are more than welcome. It’s a great activity for social distancing, is open all day, and won’t be too strenuous after all those donuts!


Blueberry Muffin and Bluffin’

Sconset Market is an island classic. Their blueberry muffins, though, are beyond a classic, garnering a cult over the years. It’s not uncommon for a ‘Sconset trip to center around a bag of muffins, especially when guests are in town. 

They open at 8 am, so make sure to get there as early as you can — you’d be surprised how quickly they disappear some weekends. With muffins in hand, head out to the small shell path on Front Street where the ‘Sconset Bluff walk begins.

sconset bluff walk
Photo: @lavinlabel

Yes, it’ll feel like you’re walking through people’s backyard, especially if you haven’t done the walk before. Don’t worry though! The Bluff Walk has been in continuous existence since the late 1800’s, so homeowners are used to visitors strolling through their grounds.

Take in the immaculate gardens, the seaworn homes, and the Atlantic as it rolls out off the bluff. By the time you’ve reached Sankaty Head Lighthouse, the muffins will be gone, but the sights and sounds will stay with you forever.


Millie’s by Millie

millie jewett a Nantucket legend stands in front of her madaket home

Millie’s, the beloved Madaket restaurant, is named after Millie Jewett, a local folk hero who lived out on Hither Creek for much of her life. Although not the friendliest with adults, she had a soft spot for animals. She dedicated herself to protecting and caring for the beaches and animals of Madaket. Now, you might be wondering: What does any of this have to do with take-out food?

Order ahead from Millie’s, grab your food and maybe a drink kit or two from the market, and start heading across the bridge over Hither Creek. If you really want the full Millie’s experience, read some of the countless articles about her online and brush up on your local history. Her house still has a “Millie’s” quarterboard, so it’s easy to identify and hasn’t changed since she lived there. Keep walking out to Smith’s Point ⁠— “The Crooked House” out by the end was owned by Mr. Rogers, a close friend of Millie. 


If you’re really dedicated, walk out on the point to the end, where the open ocean runs into Madaket harbor. During the day, the water looks absolutely tropical, creating the perfect setting for a few fish tacos and a margarita. It’s also not a bad place to look for some stripers!


Oath and Boats

Oath Craft Pizza is a great takeout option in town, especially if the “cheese only” camp and the “as many toppings as possible” camp can’t come to a consensus. They have a Chipotle-style counter where you can fully customize your pizza before it’s cooked in a second. 

Photo: Matt Kisiday

Oath is located right on Straight Wharf, where a wide variety of private vessels are docked throughout the summer. Park yourself somewhere on the docks with your feet hanging over the edge and take it all in. At night, you can usually watch bait fish chasing each other around in the boats’ lights. During peak season, it’s fun to look for the boat from farthest away, especially if you have some competitive kids.