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Announcing “Time and Tide” – Nantucket’s Maritime History Podcast


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“Time and Tide”, a new podcast presented by Egan Maritime Institute, was launched on April 10, 2020. Hosted by Evan Schwanfelder, Manager of Maritime Education, the podcast recalls some of the most dramatic stories from Nantucket’s seafaring past. Listeners will be riveted to tales that rise from the depths of despair to the peak of human hope and salvation.

In the first episode, Evan explores the 1892 rescue of The Wreck of the H.P. Kirkham. In it, the listener will learn about Nantucket’s own Skipper Chase, who trained and practiced drills with his men every day. This tactic worked to filter out those who couldn’t withstand and endure the practices. After one year, Chase and his crew were considered one of the best lifesaving boat crews on the eastern seaboard, which would later be proven true during the great rescue in 1892.

Schwanfelder commented “I feel these are incredibly inspirational narratives with a very human element that spans the spectrum of emotion. My hope is that these stories will go out to Nantucket and beyond and that they might strike an emotional chord that resonates with all those who listen.”

Listen to the podcast here:

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