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Distance to Beach: 2-3 miles | Distance to Town: 7.7 – 8 miles

Quidnet and Squam are smaller neighborhoods located along on the eastern shore of the island near Polpis and Wauwinet. These neighborhoods are quiet gems with incredible water views, pristine scenery and expansive properties. Both Quidnet and Squam are safe havens for Nantucket’s wildlife and are popular destinations for families or those looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of downtown or mid-island. 

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What To Do

Although Quidnet and Squam are strictly residential, both areas are a short distance to the Wauwinet, Monomoy and Mid Island areas where you can enjoy various activities, hiking trails and multiple dining options. 


Quidnet Beach & Sesachacha Pond are both located off of Quidnet Road and are popular spots for families in that area. The pond is the island’s largest kettle pond and its perimeter beach has soft sand and no surf, which makes it perfect for kayaking and sailing. Quidnet Beach is just a short distance over the dunes and has spectacular views of Sankaty Lighthouse. With over 250 acres, this is also a great place for walking your dog or hiking along the sandy paths.