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A Keeper has Been Caught!


Fishing Report

james hatton

The Bill Fisher Tackle fishing report is brought to you by Corey and Cam Gammill. Visit their website, their shop at 127 Orange Street, or give them a call at (508) 228-2261.

Dear Fishermen and Friends,

Fishing has really taken a turn in the right direction this week! Thanks to a friend who in his own words has become “addicted” to his drone we now know we have pods of fish all around the island. The most consistent fishing however has been on the south side, from point of breakers down to Madaket. Just about everyone who I spoke with who spent time on the South Shore this week caught. There were a bunch of lures that brought success, such as paddle tails and swimmers, but we heard of a lot of fish caught on metals, which was kind of cool.

Our big news is that James Hatton caught a keeper this morning in the Harbor. James fished very hard and deserves this credit!

james hatton

The North Shore has also been fishing well, although not as consistent, but there have been pockets of fish hanging at 40th pole and by the west Jetty on both the inside and the outside. In the calmer waters, soft plastics and top water lures have been the key. In calmer water you want calm presentations.

We have been fishing the harbor a lot in the last week and everyday we have seen it get better. Today was a bit slower as the glassy conditions made the fish spooky, but once we got some wind on the water the fish came to life magically. Amazing how a slight change in conditions: Tide, wind, light… can adjust the feeding patterns of a fish. As a friend and I discussed recently, it is one big puzzle that has no end and is forever changing that we are all trying to solve. What a fun puzzle right?

So what is fun about this week is we can tell you with confidence… go find the closest piece of water and fish. Don’t stress about tide or time of day, go fish, because over the next two weeks we are going to see it get better and better. Make sure not to miss out on it. And as for funny fish, a few blues have arrived, which is awesome, nothing thick yet, so no need to go to heavy leaders YET! But what is also here in some earnest are the shad. These fish are super fun but have a really soft mouth, so if you want to catch them, you need to fish a small lure and not set the hook to hard.

Go wet a line, and create your story. We truly believe that every time you get on the water a possible memory is made and a story is created. Go do it and come in and tell us!