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June 9th Fishing Report


Fishing Report

Cam Gammill
nantucket fishing report - bill fisher outfitters
Where do we start?!? I guess we start by saying fishing right now is down right awesome! It is exactly what you could hope for this time of year. The island is surrounded on three sides by Striped Bass and everyone we talk to who has been fishing has a smile and a similar story to share. They just can’t believe how active the fish are. Some fishermen are picking keepers off the south shore, others are chasing schoolies in the harbors and others are fishing the rips off of Tuckernuck catching the beginning of the squid run. Whether your feet never leave the beach, you love the shallows, or you lose it when you see a striped bass come 2 feet out of the water chasing squid, this is the time for you.
Everyone we know who is putting their time in is catching… It is awesome, and all of this is because we have bait. The harbors are loaded, the water is clean and the squid have just shown up from their offshore migration.
While we know this is the busy time of year for many, we beg all of you to take the time for yourselves and your family and get out on the water. If you are not on island, find a way here, because it is simply fun.
On the South Shore the fish have been caught at every beach but seem to be thickest and biggest between Miacomet and Madequecham. The fish are still not huge and the majority of fish are schoolies, but there are plenty of keepers around.
Eel Point also continues to hold a lot of fish. Again you are having to work your way through smaller fish, but if this is work…sign me up! As we have been saying for the last few weeks, both Harbors are still fishing awesome. Tuckernuck also is surrounded by fish so if you want to get away from Nantucket, do not hesitate to get over there.
We have yet to see many bluefish caught. We hear of the occasional here and there, but most every fish caught these days are stripers.
As for lures etc…in the harbors/flat water focus on soft baits and small swimmers. Also poppers on the surface have been an absolute blast. In the surf, larger soft plastics or bucktail jigs. But perhaps most importantly, use the appropriate rod. If you do not own a 7 footer, think about getting one as the fish here right now are so much fun on a light 7 footer with braided line.
Bill Fisher Tackle

Written By

Cam Gammill

In 2009, Cam started in Nantucket real estate and quickly established himself as one of the top brokers on the Island.