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Escape the crowds… Go Fishing!!


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bill fisher nantucket fishing report

The Bill Fisher Tackle fishing report is brought to you by Corey and Cam Gammill. Visit their website, their shop at 127 Orange Street, or give them a call at (508) 228-2261.

Dear Fishermen and Friends,

The buzz around the Island is how many people are here and how much traffic is everywhere. I’ve also heard, what do we when it’s raining?  Well, those statements couldn’t be more true. Guess what I did yesterday in the midst of the craziness… I quietly put my rod on the car and drove to a North Shore beach and enjoyed peace and quiet, with no one to be seen in either direction. That alone was worth the experience. The bent rod and multiple fish made it awesome! Go grab a buddy or your kid today and go explore. Despite the wind and rain, fish will be biting and we promise, you’ll have fun! With the North East wind, go fish the south shore.

Anyone who knows us, knows we love Bluefish. We know, they aren’t our sexiest fish. But man are they fun and they are a staple of the Nantucket fishery. When you hook on these crazy critters, they pull, pull and pull some more. And when they are bored pulling on your line, they jump clear out of the water. With respect to a good fight, pound for pound, they blow Striped Bass out of the water.

As our air and water temps get warmer, the natural transition of our fishery is for Striped Bass to move further offshore to cooler oxygen rich water. Those fish that stay inshore, often feed in deeper cooler water and then at night, they’ll hunt the shoreline for bigger more accessible bait. During the day, the Bluefish are getting more aggressive and filling in the waters closer to shore.

Target the bluefish with top water plugs that cause a ton of commotion. Please use single hooks as the treble’s will destroy their mouth. If you want to fish into the wind, which will be very productive, use a heavier, lower profile plug such as a Hopkins. With the wind at your back, your goal is to cast it as far as you can to cover the most water. Use a bigger profile plug such as a Ranger and Ballistic Missile.

Last week, we heard of good reports for catching Bluefish across the Island. Bluefish were caught at Fisherman’s beach, in Madaquecham and then down in Tom Nevers. A great fisherman, Nick Whitbeck from Grey Lady Lures, who fishes almost daily, was fishing the south shore this week, when he came across some monster Bluefish. These fish were actively feeding and very aggressive. After catching several fish, he hooked into something that felt very different. This fish took run after run and pushed the angler to exhaustion. Nick did not let up though and landed a very fat 36” Bluefish, probably weighing close to 18 pounds. That is an unbelievable fish from the surf. Even better, he doesn’t know the true weight because he let her swim away.

Our Striped Bass fishing from the shore is primarily in low light situations now. Fish continue to be caught all along the south shore in the evening or at night. For those of you intimidated by night fishing, don’t be. First, when you get to the beach, don’t rush to fish. Take your time and get acclimated. You’ll start seeing a lot more than you expect if you give yourself a few minutes. Even more important, night fishing starts to be all about feel. This is an important lesson, because all of fishing should be about feel and not about the visual component. Fish have been caught on bigger soft baits and bigger swimmers reeled in very slowly through the surf.

Our best Striped Bass fishing is now from a boat. The rips are holding a lot of fish. You’ll find Bass at Great Point on both tides, but it is more productive on a falling tide. Further east, where the water temps are much cooler has also be very productive. Amazingly, the west end also has a lot of bass still. We always have cooler water pushing through Muskeget Channel and that has continued to invigorate that water.

Go escape the crowds and enjoy our amazing fishery!

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