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July 24th Fishing Report


Fishing Report

bill fisher tackle
Dear Fishermen and Friends,
Is it 2020 or 2010?  Blue fishing sure feels like it is 2010! And well, we still have great bass fishing considering its 70 degrees all over this island.  Crazy time!  We have been preaching from a roof top for two months now, we love all of the bait in the water and it is still serving us well. This morning I was fishing on the eastern rips and had birds for a mile working the edge and saw squid shows like we are used to seeing in June, and this afternoon I fished great point and had blues crushing top water lures in the edges.  Yesterday afternoon I was catching 10+ pound bluefish and Riley Fusaro boated a 17 pounder that threw up over a pound of Herring as it came over the rail.  In our system right now we have loads of sand eels, herring, butterfish and squid. The amount of bait in our waters continues to be outstanding.
As far as results, lots of fish are being reported from the beach. Surfside to Tom Nevers continues to be the best spot to fish for blues along the south shore.  Madaket, specifically smiths point is producing small bass and small blues and as more and more bait fills in the west end this will only get better and better.  Great point also continues to produce a bunch of blues.  Lots of fish out there if you put your time in.  The best time to target fish from the beach is early morning and evening.  That said, if you pay attention on a beautiful beach day, you will see bass at your feet along every south shore beach.  What’s working?  From the beach, anything that can get you some distance is recommended, metal, ballistic missile or even pencil popper.  Our strong recommendation is a single hook though.  
From the boat, Great Point is fishing well as is the south shore.  Fish are also in old man shoal and off of Sankaty as well.  If you are looking for food fish, the fluke and sea bass bite continues to be strong, primarily on the east side of the island.
The bonito bar is loaded with bait and we have heard of bones caught all around the island in the last week, they just are not concentrated yet. Bones have been caught East, Great Point, south shore, and the western rips.  Tons of bait is all over the bar, so soon enough the concentration will soon to be there and if our magic ball is correct hopefully we are just a few short weeks away from the bonito entering the harbor in masses.
With fishing at the best its been in years, we hope everyone gets out there. Go wet a line!