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8 Inexpensive Home Exterior Improvement Ideas to Boost Your ROI

Step up the curb appeal game with these small DIY projects
By Megan Johnson

September 12, 2022
Minor updates can have a big impact on your house value.

From first dates to job interviews, first impressions play a significant role. Naturally, that also goes for real estate. For prospective buyers, a striking home exterior is what first catches their eye, even before they see the house in person. Consider the amount of time prospective buyers spend cruising real estate sites like Zillow. A home’s exterior is likely to be the main photo, and that can determine whether they’re willing to click on the listing.

Power wash the exterior 

We know how satisfying it is to see dirt and decay removed, as hours spent watching cleaning videos on TikTok or Instagram can attest. A prospective buyer will feel that same sense of satisfaction, since a dirty home exterior can negatively impact their first impression. “Power washing your home is a relatively easy task that you could complete in a day,” says Quinn Veysey of Fisher Real Estate in Nantucket, Massachusetts. When it comes to the equipment, you can purchase a pressure washer for around $200 to $500. However, you can also rent one from your local appliance rental store for $40 to $100 a day. Just be sure that before you start, you consider the exterior material of your home. “Make sure to do research on which surfaces are acceptable for power washing,” Veysey says. “Vinyl is easily stripped of dirt, but power washing shingles is not encouraged.” Weathered brick, especially in homes older than 80 years old, can also be damaged by a pressure washer, especially if the water pressure is above 100 PSI. 

Replace hardware 

Accessorizing with smaller updates can make a large difference. Mismatched and rusty fixtures lack appeal. That’s why spending a few bucks on a house number, door knocker, and door knobs, is a solid investment. All metal accents on hardware and fixtures should match both in material and style to create a cohesive design, Gidding says. For instance, if you have a modern-style home, avoid ornate wrought-iron hardware you’d normally see on a more traditional-style home. “You may love the look of a funky new font, but if it doesn’t reflect a similar design of the rest of your home, it will start to feel like a confused mixture of styles,” Veysey adds. “Consistency is key.”