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Eleanor Hallewell: Nantucket Photographer


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Eleanor Hallewell nantucket photographerEleanor Hallewell first came to Nantucket in 2002 and immediately fell in love with the island. In the years that followed, she continued to visit as much as possible. Upon receiving her graduate degree from Columbia University in 2008, she promptly packed up her bags to travel the world, spending 10 months backpacking and photographing India, Southeast Asia & Australia. In 2010, looking for a quieter place to call home, she returned to Nantucket almost full time. A deep appreciation for Nantucket’s simplicity and raw beauty are what continually brought Eleanor back to the island, and in 2018, she declared herself a full-time resident.
During her time spent on Nantucket over these years, her love of photography and the island grew congruently. With these two passions came the idea for Capture Nantucket, a photo tour company that enables visitors the chance to capture the beauty of the island, while developing their own photography skills. Along with sharing her love of the island with others, she enjoys the opportunity to capture special moments, whether that’s as simple as sunset in Madaket, or a family portrait at Tupancy Links.

Her work can be viewed at the following links: and

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Give her a follow on Instagram: @capturenantucket and @eleanorhallewellphotography
Give her a call: 770-881-4566