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Breakfast on Nantucket: The Most Important Meal of the Day


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Breakfast on Nantucket

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Breakfast on Nantucket

While you can visit Nantucket in a day–and we have tips on how to plan the best daytrip here–one reason you might want to consider a longer trip is all of the amazing breakfast options! Keep reading if breakfast on Nantucket is at the top of your mind…


breakfast on nantucketbreakfast on nantucket

The island has a long tradition of breakfast experiences to help you start the day right, going beyond just your conventional bacon and eggs. We’re talking things like the Panko Crusted Egg Benny at Island Kitchen, and the world-famous Wicked Island Bakery Morning Bun for those lucky enough to snag one. And, sipping on a Brant Point Grill Lobster Bloody Mary at brunch while sitting harborside at the White Elephant is the perfect way to ease into your Sunday.  

Donuts & Pastries

breakfast on nantucketbreakfast on nantucket breakfast on nantucket

Most importantly, you can’t talk about breakfast on Nantucket without mentioning the donuts at Downyflake. Make sure to sample each of their freshly-made donuts, perhaps seeing if you prefer those to the ones found at Nantucket Bake Shop up the street. You can snack on a mini muffin paired with a Vietnamese Coffee from the Corner Table across the street or go grab a cruffin from Born & Bread Nantucket.

Coffee Break

Speaking of coffee, Island Coffee Roasters is conveniently located right by the Steamship ferry for early mornings. Just around the corner from our Fisher office is Handlebar Cafe, which is frequented by the Fisher team. Roasted General Store, closer to the Rotary just outside of town, serves up some of the most creative and fortifying cups we’ve seen.

Breakfast in ‘Sconset

Meanwhile, in Sconset, Claudette’s is making some of the best breakfast sandwiches on island. A few doors down, ‘Sconset Market sets out homemade blueberry muffins, coffee cake, and more that are well worth a bike ride.

We could keep going, but it’s almost time for lunch, and we want to see if Provisions has any of their homemade bagels left!  

Enjoy your breakfast on Nantucket,

The Breakfast Professionals at Fisher Real Estate