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April Nantucket Real Estate Market Insights


Market Insights

Jen Shalley Allen
April 2016 Market Report

Fisher’s Real Estate April 2016 Market Report

The Nantucket real estate market continued to post sizable gains over 2015 transaction and dollar volume figures with a respective 29 percent and 38 percent increase through April 30, 2016. New contract activity was also impressive with a 21 percent increase from one year ago. High end contract activity declined modestly while high-end inventory saw a greater percentage increase than during 2015.

Projected marketing times have shortened to just two months for Nantucket’s least expensive properties, while the upper end of the market saw modest lengthening. Judging by the year-over-year increase in the median Nantucket home sale price, values continue to rise but not by the 30+ percent suggested in a recent WSJ article.

Written By

Jen Shalley Allen

Jen has worked on an impressive array of real estate transactions including two of the island’s largest and most complex vacant land transfers, commercial transactions, and single-family home sales,