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The Nantucket Portrait Project by Bill Hoenk


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Local portrait and landscape photographer Bill Hoenk saw the opportunity to raise funds for the Nantucket Cottage Hospital by photographing families on the front steps of their homes during this time of isolation. To date he has raised over $3,000 with a goal of $5,000! With the COVID-19 Pandemic, our community has been placed on strict social distancing guidelines as advised by the CDC and Town of Nantucket. Bill has been able to visit the homes of dozens of families and maintain at least fifteen feet from his subjects on their front steps. Bill says, “these photos are important in that they provide historical documentation of how our community and society as a whole chooses to respond to this unprecedented period of our lives.” We love the casual feel of these intimate photos and how the front steps on the charming Nantucket homes become another portrait subject, each with their own individual personalities.

Bill will be opening up portrait sessions soon. Sign up by clicking this link. In exchange, he asks for a good faith donation to the Nantucket Cottage Hospital through this Facebook Fundraising Page.

For more on Bill Hoenk’s fine art photography, visit our blog featuring some of his work.