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As anyone who loves Nantucket may appreciate, one of our biggest challenges as brokers on an island is providing our clients the opportunity to experience a home when they are not on Nantucket.  Perhaps you are ready to sell but it’s not during the high summer selling season.  Or perhaps it’s the middle of winter and your ideal home comes on the market but you can’t get to the island.  Fear not!  At Fisher, we saw these challenges as an opportunity and offer our exclusive listing clients dynamic 3D tours that anyone can see anytime, anywhere.


Fisher’s 3D camera has the ability to capture every detail of a house, indoors and out, from just about every angle.  You’ll be able to look up to see the light fixtures, down to understand the flooring and everything in between. Without ever leaving your home or office, you can understand a home’s layout, how the interior integrates with the outdoors, and even how lights shines in the various rooms!  The camera also captures floor plans so you can understand the home top to bottom.


1. 3D is great for buyers who cannot be on Nantucket to see the home of their dreams.

2. Looking to list your home? 3D with Fisher is amazing for sellers, as you can showcase your house to a much broader audience 12 months a year!

3. You’ll be able to walk through a house as many times as you want, when you want from wherever you want!

4. 3D gives clients a better understanding of a homes layout… and not just from floor plans but by actually walking through.

5. Take the tour up a digital notch and enjoy a 3D tour in Virtual Reality on your computer or mobile device!




 1. Toured the house but forgot where the closet in the Master bedroom is? Go to the video!

 2. Want to experience the kitchen again, while standing behind the sink? Head to the 3D tours!

 3. Is the home being sold furnished, but you forget what was in the house? Check back in the VR tour for the furnishing!

 4. Want to purchase a family home, but didn’t get to bring your kids to see the house? Send them the link and let them experience the house of your dreams!

5. After seeing a dozen houses with a broker, start to feel like they blend together? The Fisher 3D tours will remind you of every detail!