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Nantucket Fishing Report May 4th, 2018


Fishing Report

Nantucket fishing report
Well, better late than never right! The first fish have been caught and there is a fun level of excitement on the island. Granted there have only been a few fish and they have been small, but they provide what we all want…hope. As a good friend just said to me moments ago, “I know now how I will spend all of my downtime for the next 6 months.”
As with most things in life, the beginning is the most fun as the fishery is constantly in flux, with fresh bait arriving by the day, water temps increasing and new fish loaded with sea lice streaming in. We floated Madaket Harbor yesterday and while we didn’t catch anything, we had so much fun. The water was crystal clear and pockets of bait were easy to spot. The best part of the cold water we still have is the clarity and crispness of it. Make sure to go experience it. Whether you drive to Eel Point or have a chance to get on a boat, try and get on the water in the next few days on a sunny day. It will wow you how much of the bottom you can see.
As is typically the case, we highly recommend fishermen target the southwest side of the island. If focusing on the south shore, go to Miacomet/Hummock and work small metals or paddle tail swimmers. Any day now the few reports we are getting will turn into 5-10 fish in an hour as large schools fill in and feed. if in calmer waters, try the fly or get a popper moving along the surface. You should be fishing a small light 7 foot rod, with small lures. We are open Wednesday through Sunday for the next few weeks.
Along the Cape the big squid have just come in. I had so much fun yesterday as I was waiting with Nantucket’s Lacrosse team for the 7:00 pm boat back to the island and we were watching a dozen people catch 15 inch squid. Our boys jumped in on the action and everyone had fun. These squid just showed up on the cape on Wednesday. Mackeral should also be in front of the jetties anyday now. Get your sabiki rigs ready! (See what I mean about early season excitement. There is so much to get excited about.
Lastly, if you are able to get out and fish at all, stop by the tackle shop before you go so that you can sign up for Rafeal’s Sea Run Bass tourney. This is one of the best tourney’s going. Entry for kids is free and adults is $25. The person who wins, chooses the charity that benefits from the funds raised. How cool, right?

Corey Gammill