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May 25th, 2018 Fishing Report


Fishing Report

Cam Gammill
nantucket fishing report - bill fisher outfitters
Fishing has improved dramatically in the last week. While anglers are predominately catching small fish there are some bigger fish mixed in. While everyone is talking about the stripers filling in, it is important to not forget about the fun the mackerel have brought. For the last week mackerel have been calling the bait basin and harbor home. These “bait fish” have been caught from the boat basin docks, inside first point, around Great Harbor and by Brant Point as well as at the normal haunts out by the wreck. While best to use a sabiki rig, a deadly dick or any small metal will work as well. Whether you want mackerel as bait, food, or just for fun, these green fish are worth their time.
As far as the Stripers, there continues to be solid reports from various spots around the Northside of the island. Many people are catching multiple fish in the harbor including Mike Thureson who went out on Thursday night and landed seven fish in just over an hour. Mike was on foot, but a few of us have also been doing well in the harbor by boat. Everyone is asking me specifically where the fish are and the quick answer is they are all over. These fish are fresh and arriving by the day and they have yet to fall into any specific pattern. While we typically like fishing moving water on the drop in particular in the harbor, the incoming tide and dead high have been good the last few days. The wind today put the fish down a bit, but if you can find some lee so the fish can see your lure, you have a good chance of some action.
The stripers are also along the North Shore. Although not thick the fish being caught from Dionis to Eel Point are larger than in both harbors, with multiple keepers being reported.  There are also more and more fish moving into Madaket as well. The numbers aren’t quite as thick as the main harbor but you are no longer seeing singles, now anglers are seeing groups of fish.
While the South Shore is usually a staple this time of year, there is little to report. The water is still cold and most anglers have been focusing their energy in the harbors.
None of this is to say that the fishing is awesome, but it is much improved to the point where you can expect to at least get swirls and have a good shot at hooking and landing a fish.
We highly recommend fishing a light rod with a light reel for the next few weeks. Even if you are fortunate enough to get into a keeper the rod can handle it, but this is the time to break out the seven footers. The smaller rods will also make casting the lighter baits much much easier and you can cast them further.   We have an awesome lightweight set-up in the shop that can be purchased for under $180 for the combo.

Written By

Cam Gammill

In 2009, Cam started in Nantucket real estate and quickly established himself as one of the top brokers on the Island.