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We LOVE June… Nantucket Fishing Report 6/5


Fishing Report

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The Bill Fisher Tackle fishing report is brought to you by Corey and Cam Gammill. Visit their website, their shop at 127 Orange Street, or give them a call at (508) 228-2261.

Dear Fishermen and Friends,

Fishing hasn’t even peaked yet and it is really really fun right now. The one negative is the daytime beach bite has mellowed, but the raw number of fish in our ecosystem has increased as has the bait( surprise surprise…) and the result is a ton of fun for anglers who are putting their time in.

So what does this mean…well after the new moon ten days ago our fishery filled up, but a switch turned during last weekend’s blow that created an almost summer pattern with the fish that arrived. Meaning that the fish are here, but the bite from the beach is concentrated on early AM/Late Evening or night time. Those putting the time in on the beach in the evening or morning are getting rewarded. Two different anglers mentioned this week catching 15 + fish in a session, one in the morning in Madaket and the other at night time off Madaket. This isn’t saying that the fish are only in Madaket as the bite at night has been hot down the south shore with a bunch of keepers mixed in and the North shore and harbor have also been producing. The point is the time of day right now matters more than the location.

As for the boat…yup, its starting to really happen. My first day of the season fishing in the rips was Wednesday and I was rewarded with a mid-june type day… and each trip since has continued to produce trips strong fishing. And just yesterday the harbor exploded with the same sandeel blitz that barnstable saw a few weeks back and we saw exactly one year ago…

I spent this afternoon catching stripers/shad/blues all right between first point and second point. Yup, simply awesome and fun to have that type of variety. And they were spitting up big sand eels, while early this week I was fishing up-harbor and fat stripers had herring tails hanging out of their mouths. And to add to that in the rips to the west the squid show has just started to happen. And anyone who has ever seen the squid show knows that is a special time as that is when we get the stripers exploding on the surface. That surface show is just starting, but it will be with us for some time to come…

SO I have all this excitement in my voice, and this leads to the question again, what should anglers be fishing with? My advice is the same as it has been for weeks, make sure you are fishing a lightweight 7’ rod with smaller lures as even though there is some bigger bait, the majority of the bait is smaller and the fun lures to use these days are Jumping minnows, poppers, Albie Snax and sliders.

Bottom line, it is so easy to push off fishing to the next day, do your best to make today your next day and get outside and create a memory and create a story and come in to the shop and share that story with us.