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June 21st Fishing Report


Fishing Report

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Nantucket Fishing

A Fresh Catch

Dear Fishermen and Friends,
We can not say enough good things about the fishing over the last month, we can only hope that it continues. Luckily water temps are still in the high 50’s low 60’s and we are continuing to get a mix of weather which are keeping the bass around. Our waters are also loaded with bait which is awesome. The squid boats are out there, but the squid are still sneaking through, some herring are around and the sand eels are in full force keeping the stripers active and happy. If you spend anytime on the south shore or run a boat along there you will see pockets of birds all the way along. This is incredibly healthy and there are fish underneath all of these birds.
Over the last week we have seen an uptick in both bluefish and seabass as well, meaning those stocks are starting to fill in. There are some big seabass around, which is awesome. As for blues we are hearing more and more being caught off the beach and each trip on the boat we are now catching 3-4 fish which is an uptick from last week.
From the beach, fishermen are still having a great deal of success. The X factor is avoiding the red weed that seems to be all over the place. As for where is producing the south shore continues to be very good.
Surside/Nobadeer/Cisco all seem to be constants. Wauwinet up towards great point on the east side also seems to be producing as well, again, as long as there is no weed… . The north shore still has fish tight to the beach on both the coatue and the dionis side. Blues have infiltrated Dionis and 40th pole in a good way. This makes fishing eel point even more fun, as you have a shot at either species.

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As for the boat, Great Point has fish, rumors of Monomoy are starting to fly around and Old Man Shoal has fish as do the western edges. And as mentioned before, if you find birds there will be fish underneath, so keep your eyes open. My one HUGE piece of advice for all fishermen is don’t let another boat be a magnet for you. This time of year it is rare that one small corner is holding fish. Over the last week, virtually everyday I have been fishing an edge and a boat has come right up on me and fish right next to me because of the rods are bent on my boat. Meanwhile, if they just went to 200 yards down the edge they would not blow up one spot, they would be fishing all on their own and everyone would benefit. No one owns the water, but we should all respect someone who is there before us. We don’t teach our kids to steal or cut lines, so nor should we do the same when fishing. If you get to a beach or an edge, give the person there first some space.
That being said, if you show up at an edge or beach and see someone catching fish, watch them and if possible ask them questions. You could learn a great deal from them. Go out and fish while striper fishing is still awesome.
Go wet a line and have some fun.

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