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July 5th Fishing Report


Fishing Report

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Dear Fishermen and Friends,
The craziness of this season continues! Bass fishing continues to be strong, Bonito are not uncommon, Black Sea Bass have shown up in big numbers, Great Point is way off and get this… A sturgeon was caught of Sankaty. We did not believe this story at first, but we saw the video to prove it.
Our bass fishing continues to be strong considering it is early July. Anglers from the beach are seeing consistent action in the evenings and at night. Last week, we had a lot of great reports from the south shore, specifically, Miacomet and Tom Nevers. Anglers were using larger soft plastics and swimming plugs. From the boat, Bass fishing is really good if you are willing to put your time in. The eastern rips and rips off of the Vineyard continue to produce most of the fish. Unfortunately, Great Point seems to be a desert. This is clearly a bait issue and we cannot figure out why bait has not showed in one of our most storied fisheries. Typically, this time of year, the Point is loaded with sand eels. We have a ton of sand eels on the west end, so we cannot figure out this year’s pattern.

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If you are fishing the eastern rips, remember that you cannot keep Bass that you catch outside of 3 miles. All June, most of these fish in the edges were on the smaller size. This week though, we saw some bigger fish push in and we have had several fish in the 40” category caught.
We should have guessed it would have been a crazy Bonito year since one was caught in Early June. We treated that fish as an aberration, but instead it was a sign of things to come. It started with our friend Toffey catching a Bonito in the harbor. Capt Corey then hooked one on the west end, as did the Absolute and another friend caught 3 in Wasque a few days ago. We still don’t think it’s time to target these fish, but be prepared for them!
Bottom fishing continues to be really good. Black Sea bass have filled our waters and there are some monster fluke around the Island. If you put your time in, you’ll catch a lot of fish and some big fish! With numbers of Striped Bass declining, if you are looking to eat your catch, we highly recommend that you focus on these delicious fish, but only take what you’ll eat!
Bluefish, unfortunately continue to be off this year. This is the trend and we need to accept it. We did run offshore yesterday and saw acres of them, so hopefully the biomass just isn’t here yet. There are some fish to be caught though, especially on the north shore.
We hope everyone had a fun and safe 4th and take some of this well deserved time off to get on the water, because fishing is really fun right now! 
Go wet a line and have some fun.

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