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July 29th Fishing Report


Fishing Report

nantucket fishing report - bill fisher outfitters
This week has been incredibly trying for all…we’ve had days and days of non-stop South East wind has certainly shook up our fishery.  Those who have been on the water can all attest that it has been work, not only in dealing with the conditions but also getting into consistent fish.  The offshore rips have been hard to fish due to the swell. Inshore all the bait has been scattered.  All of this said though, these sustained blows can be awesome for our system and it looks like the shake up will be a good thing.  
For starters early reports have the monster bluefish being caught off Miacomet, in the western edges, the eastern edges, and at Great Point.  Because of the year we are having we are very reluctant to say “they are here!” But we are optimistic that this sustained wind has brought in the bait that these big blues want.  The few reports we have heard have been good, but we want consistency.
The other good bluefish news though is that beach fishermen have been picking up blues in the blow, from Miacomet to Tom Nevers and up on the east side of Great Point.  It is not hot and heavy, but again, we are optimistic.  
As for Stripers, the diehards who have put their time in along the beach have done really well this week at nighttime.  While the big swell can be dangerous, if you know what you are doing, it can produce as well.  The fish love to pound the bait in the surf that loses control from the big waves.  This should continue over the next few days with the residual swell in the water.  
The one piece of this fishery that is likely to fall because of this blow is the northern and eastern bass rips.  We have continued to fish up at Monomoy in the last few days. The southerly winds have brought a lot of warm water raising water temps by 5-7 degrees and scattering the bait. Fingers are crossed that some more cold water will come back in and the fish will resettle.  But again, we urge anyone interested in fishing the offshore edges to do so with caution and to use a guide.  A beautiful day on Nantucket can be a foggy role mess in the offshore rips.  
We are also hopeful that this blow will bring the bonito consistently into our fishery.  The bar is set up perfectly, with tons of bait waiting for the fish.  A quick point of caution, though, when getting on your boat, understand your limitations.  I was fishing the opening Wednesday in 5-6 foot rollers and cautiously was able to work the birds when I saw a 20 foot flats boat move inside of me into the break.  Luckily, despite getting knocked around, he was ok, but it is an important reminder to 1) know your boats limitations, 2) know your own limitations, and 3) never fish big water alone.  
We are also optimistic about the offshore bite turning on.  We hope that the settling waves and lower winds this weekend will give people an opportunity to get out and see what is out there.  
As frustrating as this wind has been, it has brought in a ton of much needed bait from offshore, perhaps this is the investment we needed to have an awesome August!
Go wet a line and lets see together how our fishery has changed.