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12 (Really 11) Month Fishing Challenge

Hello Fishermen and Friends!

So in the last month we have had a blast fishing the ponds and that sparked an idea… Why don’t we initiate and organize a fishing challenge to all Nantucket Fishermen to also fish all year long? With that in mind we came up with the 12 (really 11) month fishing challenge. So here it is!

Bill Fisher Tackle 12 (really 11) Month Fishing Challenge

*** For 2019 we are going to treat January and February as 1 month as we are getting a late start!

There are two different challenges:

1) Different Species every month Category: Try to catch a unique fish species each month for the 11 months of the year starting January 1st 2019 and ending December 31st 2019. All fish need to be caught in Nantucket Ponds or the ocean generally surrounding Nantucket. If you accomplish this task, BFT will give you 10% off every purchase you make in 2020. So one fish has to be entered each month and you can not enter the same species twice. So for instance, if you enter a yellow perch for January/February, that specie is used up. All ocean species count as well: Blues/Bass/Black Sea Bass /Fluke /Cod /Tuna etc…. This will be tracked through an e-mail sent by the participant to the BFT e-mail address. Please make sure to include a photo of you with your fish. The more entertaining the photograph the better….

2) Striped Bass Category: If you successfully land a Striped Bass each month of the year for 2019 starting January 1st 2019 and ending December 31st 2019, BFT will give you 20% every purchase you make at the shop in 2020. This will be tracked through an e-mail send by the participant to the BFT e-mail address with photographic evidence. *** for 2019 January and February will be treated as one month.

* Of course anglers can compete in both categories, If you accomplish both tasks, we will give you 25% off for the 2020 season. Yes, we get that this might be bad business, but if it gets more people fishing, all the better.

** There is no fee to sign up, just send an e-mail to telling us you are interested. You can sign up all the way until the last day of February 2019.

*** Bill Fisher Tackle will be open Saturdays from 9-noon through the winter to help fishermen get on the water. Also feel free to call us whenever and we will come by and open up the shop. We can also order anything you might need. Corey can also be reached at 203-962-8867. Cam can be reached at 508-332-9179. Mike can be reached at 508-221-7144.

****BFT also reserves the right to post pics sent from the tourney for the fun of getting people fishing. Appropriate credit will always be given (if this worries you, let us know, we can work with you.)

Haven’t fished much in the winter months?

Don’t sweat it or be hesitant… All of Nantucket’s ponds hold fish and many are easy to access and to have success with. You do NOT need a license to fish Nantucket’s Ponds, just a rod/reel and some lures or even a worm. Most importantly, you need a doers mentality. Please be in touch with us if you need direction or come in on Saturday mornings and we will guide you. Remember, we want people to accept and complete the challenges!

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