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Fisher’s construction blog series has been among our most popular and though many of the topics we covered remain the same, the costs of building a property have changed dramatically since it was first published. Notable changes to the price per square foot to build property begin to increase with the initial pandemic disruptions including worksite shutdowns, shipment and factory issues and an inconsistent supply chain. They were then exacerbated by a strong real estate market that impacted the supply of local workforce housing amidst an already constrained labor market.

Now, rising inflation and increasing interest rates are driving costs even higher. While all these factors are formidable, and there are no quick solutions for them, new construction properties remain the most in demand retail product in the Nantucket housing market, for sale or for rent. To learn more about current costs per square foot on a project today, or factors related to a project you may be considering, please visit the blog or reach out to a Fisher agent to chat.

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