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Emma Young: Nantucket Photographer

Emma Young grew up on Nantucket and is just beginning her photography journey but has a fantastic eye and captures Nantucket in a beautiful light. She always has at least one creative craft project up her sleeve. She can often be found attending local art workshops at the Atheneum and promoting the local arts through the Nantucket Cultural District. Emma is currently focused on fiber arts (which we are a huge fan of as well!), but is branching out into the medium of photography.

Her photography is inspired by trips to Great Point with her dad.  She loves to capture the soft colors of the landscape and search for snowy owls and other creatures.

Her favorite things about Nantucket are swimming in the ocean, meeting unique locals, and being a part of a small town community.

You can view a gallery of photography work online at and on instagram @eay.creates

Emma Young’s Nantucket Photo Gallery

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