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Bill Fisher Tackle’s Fishing Report


Fishing Report

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It’s Spring! It’s Spring! and the fish (Striped Bass) are here! They are not big but they are plentiful.

For 10 days, we have been chomping at the bit. There were fish reported on the Vineyard and on the Cape, but the very next day it blew and blew and blew and the fish did not wander over to our spit of sand.  Well, this week all of our phones blew up and many called to report, not just one fish, but multiple fish.  Our South Shore was loaded.  We had been fishing like crazy and to no avail and it all changed in one tide.  Amazing how Mother Nature works huh?


While the majority of these fish are small, ok Tiny, Kurt Wiggen did report catching 31 fish in an evening- wow!  So, while size is not the target yet, there is action, excitement and lots and lots of fun to be had! Especially as the island hasn’t seen salt water fish since November.

In fishing for these guys, match tackle to fish.  Use smaller rods and smaller baits and you’ll be in for a treat. The fish are mostly concentrated from Sheep Pond to Cisco, but they should be making their way to the north shore. Target these fish with small jigs, lead head soft baits or metals.  This time of year, there is no need for leaders, just make sure you have NEW line.  There is nothing worse than losing your first fish of the season because you didn’t check it.

We strongly encourage anyone who is up to visit for Daffodil Weekend to spend an hour on the south shore. Its absolutely beautiful this time of year and you’ll enjoy some tight lines. Also- we should see some bigger fish push into our waters very soon.

Starting on May 1st is an awesome month long tournament which we all participate in. Even if you are only here for a day- we encourage you to sign up.  All of the proceeds go to local charities and it is a blast!

Yes, this is the beginning of it all…let’s have fun