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Aiden Bourke: Nantucket Photographer

We are excited to introduce you to the next generation of Nantucket photographers! We are particularly fond of this young student of advertising photography, Aiden Bourke, who is a Nantucket native and has a bright future ahead of him. Make sure to follow him on Instagram at @aidenbourkephotography!

“I am 20 years old and grew up on Nantucket. My father is a painting contractor and from Ireland. My mom is from Mississippi and makes scallop shell ornaments and lights. I left Nantucket in middle school to go to boarding school in New Hampshire, graduated Cardigan Mountain School in 2015 and then attended Pomfret School in Connecticut and graduated in 2018. I am currently a sophomore at Rochester Institute of Technology in New York studying Advertising Photography. I took my first photo class my sophomore year of high school. My teacher Mrs. Lehmann was one of my favorites and she was an Alumnae from RIT. She really pushed me to try new things in the studio and had sent a few students from Pomfret to RIT in the past. I was able to meet most of these former students during Alumni weekend and they have all continued to mentor me over the years. By my senior year it was kind of set that I was going to end up there and I took a term off of sports to mainly focus on photography. After my first term at RIT, I realized how technical photography is and learned techniques including printing, lighting, lenses. My professors in college are all very outgoing when it comes to critiquing and expanding my creativity.” Aiden Bourke, Nantucket Photographer


Aiden Bourke’s Nantucket Photo Gallery

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