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Built in the 1800s as a summer residence for Frederick Mitchell, sea captain and successful businessman, the property at 20 Main Street has a long and colorful history.

Known as Solid Comfort in its early years, “Green Chimneys” is a unique and treasured property in the heart of historic ‘Sconset.

Host to prominent Nantucketers and a large cast of characters throughout many storied years, this five-bedroom, eight-bathroom home boasts a covetable patina only achieved through the passage of time.

Guests have described the space as transformative, and no wonder — an incomparable feeling of nostalgia enchants and imbues one’s senses upon spending even the smallest amount of time in this home.

Nearly every bedroom and gathering space throughout the first floor of the home features a fireplace, contributing to the famed green chimneys dotting the roof, and inspiration for the home’s moniker.

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Brian Sullivan