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Fisher’s Nantucket Real Estate Year in Review 2021 is Here!


Market Insights

Jen Shalley Allen
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“While it was unclear in early 2020, it’s abundantly clear now: real estate markets across the country witnessed one of the fieriest periods of real estate activity over the last 18 months.  At first, the data was head-turning.  But as pandemic life progressed, record figures on top of record figures seemed to become the new status quo. That is at least until the Nantucket real estate market surged past another unprecedented milestone, the $2 billion mark, leaving virtually no inventory in its wake. 

All told, the 2021 real estate market tallied $2.3 billion in sales through 732 transactions, a respective increase of 25 percent and 16 percent from 2020 and dramatically higher than any previous market in history.” Jen Shalley Allen

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Written By

Jen Shalley Allen

Jen has worked on an impressive array of real estate transactions including two of the island’s largest and most complex vacant land transfers, commercial transactions, and single-family home sales,