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Fisher Real Estate’s Marketing Philosophy:

Fisher Real Estate understands the importance of all forms of media, from tried-and-true print advertising to cutting edge photographic and video tours. And we commit to being a leader across all our digital and print marketing platforms. After all, we know that a buyer’s first encounter with a property needs to be a memorable one.

Showcasing Your Property

Clients need to see it to believe it. From professional photography to 3D virtual property tours and engaging content, we take great pride in making sure your property’s best attributes are highlighted.

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Fisher’s Approach

Fisher drives maximum exposure to generate maximum interest. By utilizing cutting-edge advertising platforms & technologies, Fisher formulates a strategic, comprehensive media plan specific to your property.

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Removing Sales Obstacles

Reaching our target audience, 12 months a year. Why wait for just a few summer weeks to bring buyers into your home? Fisher Real Estate removed a significant Nantucket sales obstacle and turned it into an opportunity by bringing your home to the buyer with 3D virtual tours.

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Location, Location, Location

21 Main Street is the first real estate location on the sunny side of Main Street with foot traffic that exceeds 450,000 unique visitors on an annual basis. Our large display windows and distribution box encourage walk-in traffic in an easily accessible location that offers a bright, lively & inviting space.

Market Research Analysis

Dedicated to delivering the very best research. While everyone has access to the data, Fisher assesses how it impacts you. Our data & market knowledge not only helps to establish a supportable list price, but it is a significant driver of traffic to our website, bringing more buyers to your property.

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Social Media

A powerful marketing tool with an expansive reach. In an increasingly technological world, where buyers are relying more heavily on the internet and apps to obtain information, the benefits of social media are only getting stronger. Fisher uses social media strategically leveraging the power of this marketing tool to engage with an expansive group of buyers in real-time.

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