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Nantucket’s New Food Delivery Service – SNACK


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Local Nantucketer Curren Huyser wanted to start his own food delivery service for years, but running his busy moving company (which we highly recommend), Your Friend With A Truck, was leaving him with little time for another startup.

Right around the end of March 2020, Mac Koss was finishing up a website overhaul for the moving company. Not able to do any moves because of the pandemic, Curren gave him a call to get his input on an old idea for a food delivery business. With restaurants being closed, it felt like the perfect opportunity and before the call was even over Mac was building a prototype of the SNACK app.

Over the summer of 2020, Snack partnered up with Cisco Brewers and Island Kitchen to deliver their food and beverages. They were also contracted by some local catering companies to help deliver meals for virtual events like the Pops. But they quickly learned that they wanted to grow the business and have a customer-facing platform. To compete in the local food & beverage delivery game, they knew they had to build a mobile app for iOS and Android. Building a mobile app is no easy job, but building a mobile app that connects customers, drivers, and local businesses is trickier. So, over a couple of socially distanced beverages in the Chicken Box parking lot/beer garden, they created an outline for Snack 2.0.

Here we are in March of 2021, and they just launched the new Snack mobile app with Cisco Brewers and The Beet. Their mission is to provide the absolute best service, so they are starting small to ensure that they can control every aspect of future orders and provide excellent customer service.

As they onboard more drivers, they will begin to add on more local businesses that will benefit from being on the app. By summer 2021, they hope to have an array of goods including alcohol, food, provisions, and more. They also hope to offer the delivery of pre-fixe family meals, which have become a popular food item this past year. Become a Partner to deliver your goods across Nantucket.

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