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Unrivaled privacy amidst tranquil rolling dunes.

Dionis is home to the Linda Loring Nature Foundation. This area along Eel Point Road is comprised of 275 acres of unobstructed conservation land with walking trails and environmental education programs. Take in the beauty this protected area while learning about the Osprey, rare birds and the wild flowers that inhabit it.

The Cliff bike path cuts through Dionis and offers a scenic, four-mile out and back trip. It’s highly recommended if you’re in the area.

Known For

Birdwatching of over 400 species

40th Pole Drive-on Beach

Rolling dunes and white sand beaches

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40th Pole

The beach known as 40th Pole is another local favorite in the Dionis area. It is often called “The Bathtub” due to its calm, warm waters. While there are a few parking spots to access this beach, most prefer to drive their car on the sand to get a front-row view of Nantucket Sound. If you choose to drive on, be sure to engage your four-wheel drive so you don't get stuck in the sand! Also make sure you have a beach sticker so you don’t get ticketed. Photo by Aiden Bourke.