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J. Brent Tartamella
Sconset Real Estate

Address: 21 Bank St
Sale Date: 5/17/2019
Sale Price: $1,070,000

Brent says, “I was so happy to represent the buyer in this transaction at 21 Bank St. Having come to Nantucket since she was just a young girl, the buyer always dreamed of owning her own slice of the pie, specifically one in 02564. It was a special opportunity to work with the buyer because of her decades of hard work and diligent savings. She held tight to her vision of spending summers in the east end of the island.

Sconset Real Estate

She was instantly drawn to the charm of this 600 square foot cottage, one of the original Cod Fish Park fisherman cottages. As you enter through the front door you are immediately overwhelmed with the sense of charm and history of this magical cottage. She loved hearing the sound of the Atlantic located just 300 feet away by way of a shell path and the voluminous white hydrangeas that fill the yard. She also loved the great rental potential of the lovely property.

It was a challenging transaction and took quite some time but of course in the end, totally worth it when you ask the woman that started coming to the Nantucket shores many moons ago! This was one of the most memorable and rewarding transactions I had in 2019 as the Buyer Agent.”

Fisher continues to work with the buyer, who makes 21 Bank St in Sconset available for vacation rentals during certain weeks in the summer.

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Written By

J. Brent Tartamella

A New England native, with roots and a career in hospitality and private club management, Brent moved to Nantucket in 2004.