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Linda Loring Nature Foundation


The Linda Loring Nature Foundation, located at 110 Eel Point Road, is a Nantucket conservation and environmental education organization. They promote environmental literacy through research, education, and stewardship of their 275 acre property, empowering our community to develop a sense of place by deepening their connection to the natural world. The Foundation’s property serves as a living laboratory for research and education advancing broad community support and environmental understanding.

The mile and a half trail is free and open to the public year-round. However, as a wildlife preserve, there are no motorized vehicles, bikes, horses, or dogs allowed on the trails.

At the Linda Loring Nature Foundation (LLNF), they have weekly bird and nature walks, summer programming for people of all ages, and adult education initiatives. Their year-round research program focuses on our changing climate and the potential impacts to Nantucket ecosystems.

For more information about programming, how you can support their research and education initiatives, visit or stop by their offices at 110 Eel Point Rd. Trails are free, open to the public, and open sun up to sundown.


Google Map of Linda Loring Nature Foundation, Eel Point Road, Nantucket, MA, USA