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Nantucket Vacation Rental

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Check-in time is 3:00pm. Please respect the check-in time unless the owner or agent has given permission to check in early. This allows the cleaners ample time to make the property clean and fresh for your arrival.

Check-out time is 9:00am. The cleaning crew has a very short window to turn over the property. Please abide by the check-out time unless otherwise discussed with your agent.

Nantucket Vacation Rental Check-Out List:

1. Please leave the front door unlocked & the key on the kitchen counter upon your departure.
2. Place used towels in the laundry machine and begin a laundry cycle; begin one dryer cycle as well. Strip beds and place all used linens in the laundry area. We suggest leaving as many clean towels & linens as you can before your departure. This reduces your cleaning hours.
3. Place all dirty dishes and glasses in the dishwasher and begin cycle.
4. Please dispose of all open food items. Food left in the refrigerator, freezer and cabinets should be removed or thrown away.
5. Bring all trash and recycling out to designated bins. Please follow recycling protocol on next page. Trash removal companies will not accept trash that is not sorted. Should the trash not be sorted, this will result in a $200 deduction from your security deposit. Clear trash bags must be used at all times.
6. Please shut the valve on the propane tank of the grill (if applicable) after each use. Many homes have buried 1,000 gallon propane tanks. A valve left open can drain the entire tank which can be quite costly. Please clean grill after each use.

We ask that you leave the house in the same condition as it was found so that your security deposit can be returned in full. Upon our inspection of the property, and provided there is no significant damage or need for additional cleaning or laundry services, the deposit will be returned in full within 60 days.
If there is anything you should need during your stay, please don’t hesitate to call your agent or our office at 508.228.4407.

Recycling on Nantucket is Mandatory

  • All recycling and trash must be in clear plastic bags.
  • Glass must be clean and recycled by itself.
  • Plastic and tin must be clean and may be recycled together.
  • Cardboard should be broken down (any miscellaneous packing materials removed) and stacked (no bag needed) neatly on its own. Pizza boxes cannot be recycled, please include with your regular trash.
  • Brown paper bags should be folded and placed inside one another for collection.
  • Newspaper must be recycled by itself, also in a clear plastic bag.
  • Food and non-recyclable items should be placed in clear plastic bags separate from above noted recyclables.
  • Please note there is a $200 security deposit deduction for not recycling or sorting properly.


Click Here to View All of Fisher’s Current Nantucket Vacation Rentals

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