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Traveling with Your Dog to Nantucket


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Gina O'Callaghan
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Thinking of bringing your dog on vacation with you to Nantucket? 

If you are staying at a pet-friendly home or hotel, there is no doubt your dog will enjoy a little island vacation! Nantucket has endless walking trails and conservation areas. But which ones allow for dogs and what are the rules? 

Here’s the 411 on all the doggy details and if you have questions about traveling with your dog to Nantucket, please feel free to give me a call . – Gina O’Callaghan 

Nantucket Conservation Foundation Property – To protect birds and other wildlife, dogs and other pets must be under the control of their owner at all times and leashed when in the vicinity of nesting shorebirds and their chicks.

Nantucket Land Council Property – This land is all privately owned with no access.

Nantucket Land Bank – Dogs are allowed on beaches and trails but they ask that you please pick up after your dog.

Sconset Land Trust – Keep dogs under control at all times and please pack out everything as there are no trash receptacles on the site.

Read Marleah’s blog on the Top Seven Dog-Walking Trails of Nantucket.


Can I bring my dog to the beach on Nantucket?

While you can bring your dog to most beaches, there are some beaches that are either private, or dogs are otherwise not allowed. See below for more detailed information.

Where are dogs not allowed?

Coskata-Coatue Wildlife Refuge – Dogs are not allowed at the Refuge from April 1 through September 15th. This also includes bringing dogs in your vehicle, because they can still disrupt the wildlife from an enclosed vehicle.

The Nantucket National Wildlife Refuge, US Fish and Wildlife Service land, which is Great Point and the Galls – no dogs allowed at any time during the year. 

Linda Loring Nature Foundation Property No dogs, horses or bicycles allowed.

Sesachacha Heathlands Wildlife Sanctuary Dogs are not allowed.


Does Nantucket have dog parks?

While not formally a dog park,  Tupancy Links is just off of Cliff Road and acts as our dog playground.  On any given day, you can find many Fido-friends for your dog to romp around with. 

What is proper dog etiquette?

Clean up after your dog please, whether you are in your backyard, on a bike path, at the beach, downtown or on the trails.  Keep Nantucket clean. It is a special place that allows dogs almost everywhere and there’s no need to give reason for this to change.

If your dog is rambunctious or aggressive in any way, please keep him/her on the leash at all times.  We share our trails not only with other dogs and dog lovers, but with families walking with little children and the elderly.  A dog bounding at you, even if just to say hello, can be quite scary for many people.


If I need a doggy-sitter, who should I call?

pACKactive, Nantucket – please see or visit their Facebook page for photos from recent walks.

Girl Friday Ack – please see

Nantucket Pet Sitter – please see

Fetch Nantucket Dog Walking – please see

Traveling On Boats and Planes With My Dog

Dogs are allowed at no additional charge on both the Hy-Line and Steamship Authority, but please keep them off the seats.  Please check with your airline regarding their pet policy. Cape Air allows one pet per aircraft at the fee of $10, and advance reservations are recommended. 

Where Can I Buy Dog Food & Treats?

Geronimo’s, Pleasant Street. They have a large selection of pet food and treats. Geronimo’s also has a do-it-yourself dog wash station, perfect for a rinse after a sandy beach day or muddy walk!

Cold Noses, Straight Wharf.  If you are staying in Town, Cold Noses has a wide variety of toys, leashes and accessories for your pet. 

What Happens if My Dog Needs Emergency Care?

Off Shore Animal Hospital – 11 Crooked Lane – 508-228-1491  (Grooming and boarding also available)

Dr. Paula Klek – 10 Woodland Drive – 508-280-5662 –

Can I Bring My Dog to the Brewery?

Well behaved dogs are welcomed at Cisco Brewery but must be on leash (this is a year-round rule)!


And finally, please remember:

Fleas and Ticks: 
These parasites are particularly prevalent during the warmer weather. You may see the parasites on your pet or notice flea dirt (black speaks) on their skin. On Nantucket, some ticks carry Lyme Disease. Please refer back to the Nantucket Health Department’s website to learn more about Lyme Disease and tick safety on Nantucket 


Any pet can suffer from heatstroke. However, the following pets are particularly susceptible: 
Very young pets and older pets 
Pets with a previous history of heat stress 
Short- nose breeds 
Overweight pets 
Pets with cardiovascular or respiratory problems 
Prevent heatstroke by: 
Providing clean and fresh water for your pet at all times 
Providing air circulation and ventilation at all times 
Providing shade cover when pets are outdoors 
Never leaving pets in parked vehicles 

nantucket dog
A Few of Fisher’s Office Dogs

Nantucket does have a leash law which states that “No person within the confines of the Town shall at any time permit a dog owned or kept by such keeper to run at large beyond the confines of the property of the owner or keeper unless the dog is held firmly on a leash.” That being said, in practice, Nantucket is extremely dog-friendly and many people do choose to walk their dogs off-leash.

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Gina O'Callaghan

Gina has been working full time in residential and commercial real estate since 2004 and found a natural fit having worked in the Nantucket construction industry for many years by merging the two careers.