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How to Make the Most of Your Backyard This Summer


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kubb swedish backyard game

This summer more than ever, your backyard should be a haven. With a little love, the backyard can become a place apart, where worries dissolve and dreams come alive. If you’re renting out your home this summer with Fisher Real Estate, this will be especially true; the backyard may be a critical piece of the puzzle as renters look for creative ways to get outside. 

Regardless of how you or your renters utilize the space, it’s always good to have options. There are plenty of local businesses who can help you do so and would love the support right now. 

Step Your Game Up

kubb swedish backyard game

Games are key to the success of any backyard. While old standbys like horseshoes, bocce, and croquet are sure to be a hit, there are some other games that have made a splash in recent years. Spikeball, Kubb, and Giant Jenga are three personal favorites and are easy to set up in the backyard. We’re especially fond of Kubb, an old Viking game, as it requires a little bit of thinking and is like nothing else out there.

Grow Your Own


bartlett's farm garden centre on nantucket island
Photo: Bartlett’s Farm

The good folks at Bartlett’s Farm’s garden center would love to help you start your own edible garden. There’s nothing like finishing a salad off with homegrown cucumbers or elevating the classic tomato-burrata salad with hand picked basil. The Garden group has a lovely article on creating your own patch and can maintain it for you throughout the summer.

Buy a Pizza Oven


ooni pizza oven

This one is a gamechanger. While the grill is still a summer essential, the Ooni pizza oven is a fun way to learn new skills, reinvent your back deck, start some friendly competition, and, most importantly, eat pizza. Something Natural sells a delicious fresh dough at Stop and Shop, so you can support a local business in the process. Bellissimo!

Find Some Shade


On hot August days, stepping outside can feel like a chore sometimes. A sail shade is an easy way to create some shade, while tying into Nantucket’s classic nautical aesthetic. It’s easy to set up and move around, so you won’t have to move anything heavy, especially when it’s time for a little sunshine. 


Upgrade Your Outdoor Furniture

Marine Home Center might have the answer to all of your backyard needs and it definitely has you covered for outdoor furniture. Mold and mildew are as common as grey houses on Nantucket, so it might be time to get some new outdoor furniture. It’s always good to have a few loungers for reading, enjoying a cocktail, and spending time with family.


Bug Off

It’s not uncommon for mosquitoes to cut short a beautiful dinner on the deck. Citronella candles do a fine job, but a mosquito magnet is a worthy investment, especially if your house is close to fresh water. We’ve had one for ten years and it’s made all the difference. Your friends will thank you for long, uninterrupted nights watching the stars.

Raise the Bar

While it doesn’t appear our favorite bars will open any time soon, at least for indoor gathering, you can open one up in your own backyard. Start with an outdoor bar cart and ask your favorite bartenders for some recipes, trade secrets, and favorite brands. If you have renters coming in, leave them with a book of Nantucket recipes. Not to mention, Millie’s has margarita (classic and spicy) and Madaket mystery drink kits for sale in their market— just don’t ask for the Madaket Mystery recipe!

Stock Your Library

mitchells book corner on nantucket island

This one might seem counter-intuitive, but can make a big difference. There’s nothing quite like enjoying a book on the back deck while the birds chirp. Nantucket Book Partners has a wide selection of Nantucket history, local authors, contemporary fiction, and classics, so ask them for some recommendations and you’ll set your renters up for success. To say this island has some magical stories would be a dramatic understatement and it never hurts to learn a little more about your own backyard.

Bring the Music Outdoors

Everything else comes together when you can play your tunes outside. There are plenty of options for every budget that will help you put a soundtrack to summer. We like the Sonos Move and the Bose Portable Home Speaker for a less permanent option.  Nantucket Media Partners can set you up with whatever your heart desires. Whether you’re out there grilling, playing a heated game of Kubb, or just enjoying a drink with friends, nothing is more transformative than a good song.