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Burton Balkind: Nantucket Photographer

Burton Balkind, also known as “Spruce”, is a photographer with a conservationists eye and an adventurer’s spirit. Whether it’s volunteering with the Trustees of the Reservation, being out on Great Point, or surfing a point break in Ecuador, he brings a passion of nature to his art. As a member of the Nantucket community for over 25 years, he has photographed the island’s beauty and splendor in all seasons. He loves to share his passion for the outdoors and the world we live in. Spruce’s photography reflects the human spirit and the natural environment around us on Nantucket. 

As the owner of Kindflow Productions, he is able to provide photography and videography services to a wide range of non-profit, commercial, and environmental groups. He also offers family and personal photography services.

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Instagram: @kindflowproductions
Phone: 508-325-3021

Burton Balkind’s Nantucket Photo Gallery

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