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21 (Ventuno) Nantucket Patios for Al Fresco Dining this Summer


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ventuno piazza nantucket outdoor dining

As Nantucket is now in phase three of a four-phase reopening plan, our restaurants are looking a little more European. Tables and chairs are spilling out onto the cobblestone streets and seashell driveways throughout the island, as al fresco dining becomes the new normal. Our creative business owners are finding some incredible, and often unexpected, ways to utilize all of their space. 

While this has been a challenging year for many business owners, we must give a huge round of applause to restaurant operators. They are doing everything they can to keep us (and their staff) safe and are continuing to adapt as the context changes.  We appreciate they are probably working harder than ever to make our island such a memorable place to dine out.  And we must say, the expanded outdoor dining experience has been a welcome offering. It’s been fun to experience our favorite spots in a new way and enjoy warm summer nights to the fullest. 

Here’s a list of Nantucket restaurants offering patio dining this summer. We’ll do our best to keep track of changes as everything continues to evolve. 

Black Eyed Susan’s

What Black Eyed Susan’s patio lacks in size, it more than makes up for in ambiance. Their cozy little nook hits all of the classic Nantucket design boxes: weathered shingles, climbing plants, and old red brick. 

Brant Point Grill at The White Elephant

Brant Point Grill’s patio leads seamlessly into the hotel’s spectacular waterfront lawn. If you’re looking for a patio with both privacy and a view, theirs is a can’t miss. 


Breeze, inside The Nantucket Hotel, stays true to its name with a breezy back patio. Dine poolside during the day or under the stars at night — there’s no need to head indoors. 


Cru is using their unique location to the best of their ability. The patio, which previously hosted a lounge area, is now a full dining space looking out on the boats — not a bad view if you ask us. 


While ordering online is still at option at Dune, sometimes a night out with full table service is well-deserved. Dune’s “modern chic” ambiance extends from inside, with seating situated both on Broad Street and on their back patio.

Faregrounds Restaurant and Pudley’s Pub

Faregrounds is a place where islanders gather year round, especially when the game is on. Their new outdoor patio came just in time and we couldn’t be happier — specially as the Red Sox kick of their season!


As one of the island’s most authentic Italian restaurants, Fusaro’s knows a thing or two about al fresco dining. They’ve had a covered patio for years. Go for a lively atmosphere and food straight from an Italian grandmother’s kitchen. 


We love being neighbors with Gaslight and adore their set up, which includes a pergola covered patio and picnic tables with umbrellas lined up on North Union Street, right out our back door. Offering a Bodgea lunch, creative cocktails and a Japanese Asian inspired menu.

Island Kitchen

To expand their beautiful patio space, Island Kitchen has built an al fresco dining area out front. The open feel, relaxed vibe, and incredible food will make you immediately forget you’re on the edge of a parking lot. 


Keeper’s has a large covered patio space that’s a local favorite year round. Their “pair + share” philosophy to food creates a communal atmosphere that is highly necessary these days. 

Lemon Press

We never thought we’d be dining on the historic bricks on Main Street, but then again, 2020 has brought us many unexpected gifts. Open for lunch and dinner dining, Lemon Press has established itself as quite the hot spot, and with their menu available all day, it’s easy to say, “let’s head to Lemon Press”.

Lola 41 and Lola Burger

Both Lola 41 and Lola Burger have patio spaces perfect for diving into their award winning burger. If you’re a fan of cars, the Lola Burger patio is the ideal place to watch the island’s many vintage vehicles. 


In addition to the patios they already have, Millie’s has built a large dining space in the back half of their seashell parking lot. They even put up a tent, decorated with festive lights, to keep the party going when rain inevitably rolls in. 

The Tap Room at The Jared Coffin House

It’s no local secret that The Jared Coffin House has one of the best patios on island, with both covered and uncovered options. It’s the perfect place to unwind after a stroll around town, especially if you’re in the mood for a steak or their famous big mACK burger.

or, The Whale

With a spacious (and lush) back patio and new seating out front on Main Street, or, The Whale has a lot of space for diners. The back patio is a bit of a hidden gem in a part of town where space is limited. 


Sharing the cobblestones with Ventuno, Queequeg’s is spilling out onto the street with a fairytale set up. After a night out, you’ll ask yourself why it hasn’t been that way for years. 

Sandbar at Jetties

Sandbar is basically a giant patio, so they’re already pros at serving diners outdoors. As the name might suggest, this is the perfect place to land after a full day at the beach. 

The Tavern

The Tavern is another one of the island’s classic outdoor patios. If you’re heading out to the ferry or just want to stroll along the wharf and people watch, you can’t beat it. 

The Brotherhood of Thieves

Lucky for us, The Brotherhood built a beautiful patio space a few years back, so we can still enjoy their laidback vibe all summer long.  While it’s a little bittersweet we won’t be able to spend a rainy afternoon in their museum-worthy pub, we can’t complain. 

The Chicken Box 

This is a completely new take on The Chicken Box experience. Known for its packed crowds and loud music, The Box is offering a quieter, breezier experience this year on their outdoor lawn. Not to mention, their new fried chicken sandwich is no joke!

The Nautilus

Nautilus is known for the convivial atmosphere created by their “everything’s better shared” philosophy. To keep that vibe alive, they’ve created an outdoor room surrounded by flora and fauna, a set up pulled straight from a romantic movie. 


Ventuno modeled their patio after an Italian piazza, aiming to bring people together in a socially distant way. Combined with their award-winning food, it’ll be hard to believe you’re not in a quiet Tuscan village. It is also (coincidentally?) number 21 on our list.